About Us

Historically Under-Utilized Business


HUB # 1472547665000

Expires March 14, 2023

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Woman and Small Business Enterprise


 WBE # WFWB62684N0920 

Expires September 18, 2020

SBE# WFSB76015N0521 

Expires May 31, 2021

North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency

Woman-Owned Small Business


As designated by the Small Business Administration.

Registered on the System for Award Management and Central Masters Bidders List.


TIPS Purchasing Cooperative

170303  HVAC (JOC)
May-26-2017 to May-22-2020 

170201  Trades, Labor and Materials (JOC)
Mar-23-2017 to Apr-26-2020 

18010101  Comprehensive HVAC Solutions and Services 2 Part
Mar-22-2018 to Mar-26-2021 

18010102  Comprehensive HVAC Solutions and Services 2 Part JOC
Mar-22-2018 to Mar-26-2021 

190302  Technology Solutions Products and Services (3)
May-24-2019 to May-26-2020